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    Gillian Robespierre: Writer, Director of Obvious Child

    I remember the first time I heard about Obvious Child, a romantic comedy featuring an abortion storyline, I was bursting with excitement. I had to wait months to finally see the film, and with each passing week my expectations grew exponentially. When I sat down in my seat, by myself but with about 50 other journalists, I feared I’d set myself up ...

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    Inspiring Change: Karrine Steffans

    Growing up, no one told me anything. The adults just did things around me, never thinking of how it would all affect me as I grew up in the midst of their mistakes. There was never one time- not once- when an adult sat me down and had a conversation with me about what was happening, what was going to happen, and ...

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    Anna Holmes: Writer, Founder of Jezebel

    It would be impossible to look back at the feminist movement in the last decade and not think of Jezebel. After its launch in 2007, the Gawker Media site quickly became a go-to source for savvy girls who were looking for a pro-woman, take-no-prisoners point of view. Snarky? Sure– sometimes. Controversial? Yes– often. But the site was undoubtedly crucial, a counter to ...

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    Leith Clark: Stylist, Founder of Lula Magazine

    Leith Clark is a fashion icon, sure, but she’s so so much more. Besides being a stylist extraordinaire and a Senior Contributing Editor at Harper’s Bazaar UK, she started her own magazine called Lula, which speaks to so much more than beautiful clothing. It’s impossible to walk by an issue of Lula and not pick it up; its large format and gorgeously ...

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  • Lynda-Obst-TWTO
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    Lynda Obst: Feature Film Producer, Author

    Anyone who is a fan of amazing movies is familiar with the work of Lynda Obst. She’s produced some of the most famous films of the last few decades, from Adventures in Babysitting to Sleepless in Seattle and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days– grossing over one billion dollars in the box office. My personal favorite, Someone Like You, was ...

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    Kirsten Smith: Author, Writer of Hit Movies

    Kirsten Smith, or, as she’s more widely known, “Kiwi,” is one of the most charming, magnetic women in Hollywood. She’s honest, funny and incredibly feminine, but you never for one second take her for something less than brilliant and an absolute force. You know Kiwi from watching the movies she’s written over and over (and over) again. Classics like “10 Things I ...

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    Sarah Sophie Flicker: Director, Performer, Activist

    There is not one singular adjective to describe Sarah Sophie Flicker, although ethereal does immediately come to mind. Each week that goes by I learn something new and impressive about her vast talents. She is a founding member of The Citizens Band, as well as the director of award-winning video PSAs that raise awareness her many causes- from the environment to women’s ...

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    Lea Redmond: Author, All Lovely Things

    All Lovely Things is not just a book, it’s a journey. Your journey — a catalogue of important items and moments in your life. It’s an interactive guide to yourself. Most of all, it’s beautiful and fun. Lea Redmond has used her unique talents to create a tangible collection of personal moments, which she uses to give her readers an opportunity to ...

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    Freya Estreller: Co-Founder, Coolhaus and Founder, Ludlows Cocktails

    As a trendsetting entrepreneur, Freya Estreller has managed to dominate two American obsessions: ice cream and booze. Her first company, Coolhaus, which she co-founded with Natasha Case, is “architecturally-inspired” gourmet ice cream. With catchy names like I.M. Pei-nut butter, plus an ice-cream-mobile like nothing you’ve ever seen, they’re leaving an indelible mark on an industry whose most interesting advancement was previously the ...

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    Inspiring Sound: Molly Neuman

    After years spent running Lookout Records and Indivision Management, it was a relief to accept my first position at eMusic. It was liberating to have a regular salary, benefits and an infrastructure that didn’t need to be built from scratch. Even with that liberty, however, I couldn’t help but start something new on the side, so I launched Simple Social Graces Discos – ...

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    Mercedes Helnwein: Visual Artist

    Born in Vienna and raised in Ireland, Mercedes Helnwein has a one-of-a-kind artistic identity that leaves an immediate impact on its viewer. She’s pursued art her entire life, from drawing and painting to filmmaking, and has found acclaim in every medium. In addition to her aforementioned creative abilities, she’s written a book, The Potential Hazards of Hester Day, that has been published ...

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    Inspiring Resilience: Noreen Springstead

    When I share with people that my 22-year professional journey has unfolded at one company, they’re quick to remark how unusual that is, especially today when workers hop from job to job. When they hear that the company is a non-profit whose mission is to end hunger and poverty, they often wonder why I chose to dedicate my life to a cause ...

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    Emily Best: Seed&Spark Founder, CEO

    Emily Best decided if she wanted the movie industry to change, she was going to have to roll up her sleeves and create the change herself. It all started while working on a play with a group of women in entertainment; Best and the women became collaborators and a veritable force when they combined their talents. Their first feature film, Like the ...

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  • vivien-labaton
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    Vivien Labaton: Co-Director, Make It Work Campaign

    Vivien Labaton has been fighting for women’s rights for years. Her latest endeavor, Make It Work, tackles a bipartisan issue that impacts women and families across the nation- the antiquated nature of the workplace. Labaton and Make It Work aim to improve the lives of Americans by pursuing policies such as a livable wage, equal pay and paid family leave — all ...

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  • melody-godfred
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    Inspiring Self Nurture: Melody Godfred

    Nature vs. nurture. A question we’ve been battling since the dawn of time, and yet no definitive answer. That is until now. In 2012, I gave birth to twin girls who are polar opposites: Stella Avery and Violet Harper. Stella is a replica of my husband: tall, blonde, fair skinned, physically and emotionally powerful, fiercely independent. Violet is my mini me: petite, ...

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  • mynette-louie-twto
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    Mynette Louie: President, Gamechanger Films

    Did you know that an equal number of men and women graduate from top film schools? If so, then you must be frustrated by the fact that little more than 5% of the top-grossing films from 2013 were directed by women. Enter Gamechanger Films — a film fund dedicated exclusively to financing feature films directed by women. They’re in good hands, too. ...

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  • Rebecca-Lehrer
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    Inspiring Culture: Rebecca Lehrer

    Hi. My name is Rebecca. I saw a need in my own life and am currently trying to meet it, instead of waiting for someone else to do it. I am a Jewish-Salvadoran-Angeleno Woman. A Californian, an American, a global citizen, a long time New Yorker (but really, Brooklynite) recently returned to Los Angeles. Also, Viennese, German, Brazilian…. I am each of ...

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  • ai-jen-poo
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    Ai-jen Poo: Activist, Co-Director of Caring Across Generations

    Ai-jen Poo is an award-winning activist, and was named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in 2012. She has spent decades fighting for social change, organizing and participating in courageous displays of advocacy and championing for those whose voices were previous unheard. As director, Poo has seen the National Domestic Workers Alliance transform into an organization with 35 offices spread across ...

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    Bridget Everett: Comedian, Actress, Singer

    There’s no one person like Bridget Everett. She happens to be hilarious, confident, sexual, brilliant and talented. Each of those things on its own is impressive, but with Bridget it’s the way she combines these attributes that makes her absolutely, show-stoppingly, one of a kind. Everett’s band, The Tender Moments, exists to make audiences giggle, squirm and, most importantly, celebrate breasts. You ...

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  • Rana_Alamuddin
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    Inspiring ReInvention: Rana Alamuddin

    Not long ago I lived in Hollywood. I woke up to my light-drenched, hardwood-floored Spanish style apartment. Crossed the street in my vintage mini-dress to the local organic store. Walked back with my kombucha, batch of raw crackers and a string of flattering glances from men with great hair, impeccable jaw definition and surfer torsos. Cut to: I wake up in a ...

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    Julia Collins: Record-Setting Jeopardy Champion

    Any woman who has received her Masters of Engineering, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management from MIT, and a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and History from Wellesley College can certainly call herself a success. But when she lands herself in the national spotlight for becoming the winningest woman in Jeopardy! history, and is on a path to rise to the top of ...

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  • Emily-McCombs-TWTO
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    Emily McCombs: Executive Editor, xoJane

    It would seem Emily McCombs isn’t afraid of anything. Not only can you see her work in some fantastic publications (BUST, Marie Claire, Elle), but she spends her days at xoJane talking openly and honestly about her sobriety, body image and the importance of therapy, among other pressing issues. She shares things other people are too afraid to talk about without so ...

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  • lori-fradkin
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    Lori Fradkin: Executive Features Editor,

    It’s extremely refreshing to see a significant women’s publication adding health and reproductive rights coverage to their editorial selections. When Cosmopolitan’s website began covering these hugely important issues, and finding knowledgeable writers to share their insights, people took notice. Cosmo has always been known for frank talk about sex and sexuality, and encouraging women to talk about it and embrace it. This ...

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  • jessica-bacal-twto
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    Jessica Bacal: Author, Mistakes I Made at Work

    Now more than ever, people are talking about women climbing the corporate ladder. We’re Leaning In, speaking up and making an impact in boardrooms and offices around the world. With all this conversation about what we should do to get to the top, there’s never much talk about what happens when you stumble. Enter Jessica Bacal, the director of the Wurtele Center ...

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